A Glass Half Full

“For what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are.” 
― C.S. Lewis

I sit here alone with my two dogs on a snowy afternoon. My alone time often brings on my anxiety as my mind is able to wander. I am stuck inside with a frozen tundra outside. My breakfast plans have been canceled. My husband was picked up to work at the hospital and will be remaining there for 1-2 days. So, I sit. The dogs start barking because they hear kids screaming outside. That is when I think of perspective.

When I was younger, snow days were the best. We got to get off school, enjoy the one time a year we could sled and build a snowman, while my parents were upset because the roads were icy. At that time, we were young and didn’t care because we got to play all day. As an adult, I observe the snow from afar and sit in my cozy home with my anxiety creeping in as I know I’ll be sleeping alone and forcing myself to keep busy. But that is all perspective. Why am I anxious that it is snowing as an adult when before it brought so much joy? How selfish it is of me to be experiencing these feelings when I am resting in a warm home on my day off. I can drink as much coffee as I want to. I can cuddle with my pups and watch as much Netflix as I want. Why does my mind immediately go to anxiety-provoking thoughts? It is all about perspective.

I choose to find the joy in everything. Those kids’ screams are so happy as they get to sled down the parking lot. I get to blast worship music and sing as loud as I want to (and not well) because my husband is not home. I can choose a chick-flick if I want to. I choose to enjoy the beauty of the white blanket of snow (and ice) that is out my window because I have no responsibilities today. I choose to see an unfortunate situation from a positive perspective. I choose to always see the glass half-full.

Until next shift,


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