Hello! My name is Shania and I am a nurse at a rural hospital in Tennessee. I have been a medical-surgical nurse for three years and have learned and experienced many blessings and tragedies during my first two years at the bedside. Patient Talk is my public place to voice my emotions after a 12-hour shift with no sugar-coating (while being confidential, of course).

The name “Patient Talk” was created because it is importance to be patient with our patients, even on the hardest days. It is a reminder to be fully present with each patient. Electronic medical records consume most of our day and we quickly fall into the trap of nursing a machine, rather than the human being in the bed.

I will be discussing the patients that have warmed my heart, made me feel like I want to quit my job, and those that remind me of why I have chosen this profession.

I will relay tips to new nursing grads, along with tidbits of knowledge that I have learned during a previous shift.

I will also discuss any relevant topics in nursing, medicine, and healthcare in general as my brain wanders.

Once again, this blog is a safe place to refuel me for the next shift. It is a reminder to have “Patient Talk,” and to remember the reason behind being a nurse. Nursing is the hardest thing I have ever decided to pursue, but it is also the most rewarding decision I have decided to make with my life.

I hope all who read this can celebrate and relate with me in my victories, valleys, and challenges in the life of nursing.

Until next shift,


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